Constructivism was a movement created by the Russians that was active from 1915 to the 1940’s. It was a post world war 1 movement that was development from Russian Futurism.

Alexander Rodchenko was a Constructivist artist who was involved in the Constructivism movement. On this particular piece he combined photo-montage with his own imagery and typography; this was one of his favoured techniques. You may notice that geometric shapes are commonly used in constructivism along with bold colours, and bold san serif typeface.

(“Lengiz books on all subjects!” 1925. Alexander Rodchenko.)

Teo Brito

Here I found a contemporary piece of work by a graphic designer and illustrator called Teo Brito in the style of Constructivism. This piece is an alternate cover version of the Beatles’ Help! album. Brito has clearly taken influence and inspiration straight from Rodchenko’s work. The use of geometric shapes combined with photographs is the style that Rhodchenko took for his designs and Brito has used the same technique in this particular piece. The colour scheme uses bold red, white and black; these colours are seen often in constructivism pieces. The layout that has been used shows strong similarities to Rodchenko’s work above.

Below are some other examples of Brito’s alternate covers for the Beatles albums, that also have strong influences from Constructivism.

Shepard Fairey

Again this work by Shepard Fairey has taken direct influence from Rodchenko’s style. You can see definite similarities in the colours that have been used and the layout, as well as the geometric shapes included.

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